Aug 14, 2013

Before You Cleanse, Check-In (with LOVE!)

Before You Cleanse, Check-In (with LOVE!)

What you put in your body influences your emotions, how you act, your body composition, what food you crave, your sex drive, your genetics, how your brain functions and how your body responds to stress.

Here’s the bottom line: food is a big deal.

We should not minimize the power of healthy eating and detoxifying strategies, such as juice cleanses, to restore mental and physical health!

However, before you cleanse, it’s important to check in on your perception of self. A juice cleanse can be a restorative, nourishing and loving treat for your (often mistreated) body, but take some time to think: do you need a cleanse for your physical body, or should you step back and focus on cultivating self-love instead?

It took me many years of yoga, nutrition education and therapy to create a fundamentally healthy approach to diet change. Only when I achieved deep, unwavering love for myself could I begin to do something as intense and detoxifying as a juice cleanse. I am certain that, when I cleanse, it is coming from a gentle place more interested in restoration than restriction.

Cleansing can be a dramatic, raw, and emotionally charged experience. If you suffer from an eating disorder or body dysmorphia, throw all my writing out the window and work on feeling good about the beautiful person in your skin! There are wonderful professional therapists and clinically trained dietitians who can help you with this—seek them out and begin to heal. 

When you’re ready to cleanse from a place of love, please join me!

Finding love and compassion for yourself while cleansing is not easy. Over the next two weeks, I will describe exactly why it is so physically and emotionally difficult to do a juice cleanse, and I’ll provide insights that can help.

The guidance of experienced, nutritionally trained professionals to facilitate your cleanse is crucial. For this reason, the chefs at JuiceBox and I have developed a guided cleanse to answer your questions and help you juice in a safe, supported and nourishing environment. 

In this guided cleanse, I analyze your diet and provide tangible feedback on how to improve your health through food. You receive daily engagement and online support to inspire and educate you while you cleanse, and I will lead you through a yummy, exclusive restorative yoga class at The Seattle Bouldering Project

Our next guided cleanse begins September 3rd, and spots are very limited; reserve your spot here!